ZoomBald Eagles: Waiting For Salmon In Kynoch Inlet
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Bald Eagles: Waiting For Salmon In Kynoch Inlet

Released 2016

Located approximately halfway between Vancouver and the Alaskan border, Kynoch Inlet is typical of the the dozens of fjords that penetrate the British Columbia coastline. The almost vertical walls give way at the head of these inlets to wide estuaries which throb with life during the autumn salmon spawning season. All wildlife from Grizzly bears to Steller’s Jays congregate to partake in what is like a huge Thanksgiving dinner. Bald Eagles with their sharp eyes are quick to spot the first arrival of the salmon but it is often a week or more before the fish are weakened by spawning that they can become prey for the eagles. I have shown this scene with hungry eagles, tense with anticipation, in that interim period where they can see the fish but as yet none have been caught. The mists swirl in the background as the excitement builds for the upcoming feast.

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