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  • Medium: Limited Edition Paper Print
  • Size (Inches H x W): 20 x 27
  • Product code: LEP-SORGRNWAT

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Humpbacks: Soaring Through Green Water

Humpback whales were once a common sight in the waters of Georgia Strait. The names of coastal communities such as Blubber Bay, Whaletown and Whale Station Bay attest to the summer presence of apparently close to 2000 individuals around the 1890’s. In a few short years at the beginning of the 20th century commercial whaling apparently eliminated this population entirely. The good news is that in recent years these amazing animals are beginning to be seen in locations where they have been absent for almost 100 years. Humpbacks were not quite hunted as severely in the waters of Alaska and from the few thousand that survived their numbers have been making slow but steady progress in repopulating the waters of the B.C. coast. The painting, “ Soaring through Green Waters” celebrates the return of the whales to the northern stretches of Johnstone Strait. Humpbacks, with their 16ft long pectoral fins always seem to me to be slowly flying under water hence the inspiration for the title. The importance of keeping these green waters from becoming contaminated so that the food for the whales remains abundant is paramount in bringing their numbers back to their former levels.

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