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  • Medium: Limited Edition Print on Canvas
  • Size (Inches H x W): Sold Out
  • Original Painting Medium: Acrylic On Canvas
  • Original Painting Size (Inches H x W): 18 x 24
  • Product code: GIC-HOTE
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Harlequin Ducks On The Edge

Released 2000

This was Mark's first painting to become a Limited Edition Giclée Print and has sold out. If you are interested in related themes please take a look at the following artworks. What is a Giclée? Click here to find out!

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So named because of the male's attractive plumage, harlequins are a duck of two distinctly different habitats. In western North America they breed in the alpine zones of the Rocky Mountains and some Coast Ranges. Young harlequins ducks are completely at home in the fast moving water of glacier-fed streams. Once they learn to fly at the end of summer, the youngsters follow their mothers to the coast where they rejoin the males who had departed from the mountains earlier in June. Winter is spent on salt water where harlequins often seek out the most turbulent sections of exposed coastlines as seen in this rendition. The contrast between the rich visual drama of the turbulent waters of the open ocean and the serenity of the nearby tidepool made for a wonderful setting in which to portray this attractive duck.

The Society of Animal Artists selected the original painting of Harlequins On the Edge as one of 45 pieces displayed in 2000-2001, their 40th annual tour. New York based Society of Animal Artists added Mark Hobson to its select group of world-renowned wildlife artists in 1997. The Society was formed in 1960 and host a prestigious annual art exhibit which tours various major cities in the United States. National Geographic Head Office in Washington D.C. noticed the painting while it was on tour in 2000-2001 and chose it as a featured piece in a 2002 exhibit of wildlife art that they were hosting. Almost all of Mark's paintings begin with a personal experience in the natural world. Usually it is the mood of a place that gets the painting ideas started. Harlequins On the Edge, was inspired by Mark's fascination with this duck as well as it's winter west coast habitat.